Custer's Last Plan

I'm sure you all have heard the tale of Custer's last stand...the triumphant defeat of a small band of American soldiers at the hands of an impossibly large native force. But you probably haven't heard the whole story. Did you know that General George Armstrong Custer actually attacked the natives—a village of the tribes of Lakota and Northern Cheyenne—and then proceeded to make several errors that brought his own demise?

That's just a small portion of all that I saw a few weeks ago with my family, from July 11 through 16, on our trip to and from Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. Ready to take a ride with me across the Mid-west United States? Then buckle your seat belt, because my dad's a notoriously reckless driver (though I've never been in an accident with him yet). But before I get ahead of myself, I should probably warn you that I will almost certainly forget something or mix some details up, so just bear it and grin.