Peak7 Adventures

This is an image of the note I wrote while near the top of Granite Peak. It reflects a lot of the thoughts and feelings that were coursing through my spirit at the time. In case my handwriting's not legible enough (keep in mind, I was using a cheap ball-point pen in high-altitude, low-temperature conditions), here's a transcript of what it says:


a spiritual side to Band-Aids

With all that's been juggled around in my head, I would need to write a pretty long blog to get it out in its entirety...so to spare you folks reading, I'll

Y'know what? No. I'm not going to make this blog note another "abridged entry". My apologies if you don't feel like actually sitting down for a few minutes with me (metaphorically speaking) and joining your thoughts with mine, but I really am going to fly, so strap yourselves in tight.

Bandages: they serve their original purposes well enough. But I felt like it was a waste of perfectly good white space not to use the medical tape on my hand for jotting down stuff I didn't want to forget. So here, on my palm essentially, I have two items written down for my convenience.