Peak7 Adventures

This is an image of the note I wrote while near the top of Granite Peak. It reflects a lot of the thoughts and feelings that were coursing through my spirit at the time. In case my handwriting's not legible enough (keep in mind, I was using a cheap ball-point pen in high-altitude, low-temperature conditions), here's a transcript of what it says:
Peak7 Adventures 6/22-6/26

My clothes and my towel smell of home
Everything reeks of sweat and adventure
A perfect cacophony of odors
Makes sense to be here, smelling

My dad's always said:
"Let gravity be your friend."
But it's hard to fold things that way
When the wind gusts at 50 mph.

The bitter breeze tears my eyes
And stain this paper with them
I pray to the Lord for mercy
Moments later, the sun shines brightly

*                                  *                                  *                                  *                                  *

Author's note: When I wrote "researching evolutionary biology", I'm referring to a desire of mine to prove that although evolution does occur, there might be limits to how far an organism can evolve; i.e., a dog could evolve into a chihuahua, but not into a cow or a fish.

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