"Pullman is Dead", a poem

Pullman is dead
Summer killed it
The life has been sucked from Pullman

Not completely...
Some of my friends,
A few who stay for the summer

I can smell it
The emptiness
Like a building before living

Quiet, peaceful
Unmoving sound
Disinfected, disconnected

Only shadows
Here rest, lazy
Leaving them till fall breaks the still

Make myself heard
But none to hear
Within earshot, people are not

So, to you, Lord
I take my cry
Knowing that you listen, attuned

I recognize
From His wisdom
The emptiness of godlessness

Like Waller Hall
At the moment
Would my heart be, but Him in me

Filling my void
Giving purpose
To direct and guide me, His child

I will never
No, not ever
Be lonely then, ever again.

*                                  *                                  *                                  *                                  *

Author's note: Check out this song by Rob Evans, called "The Donut Repair Club" by Rob Evans, which has this line in it: "Life without Jesus is like a doughnut / ... / 'Cause there's a hole in the middle of your heart / When Jesus fills your heart / He satisfies your soul / Like a pastry nugget in a doughnut hole".

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