a chuckle and a sound

Amused, God looks me in the spirit
He has no need to verbalize
My ignorant folly, for I can hear it
Simpering softly before my eyes

How could I be so blissfully unaware
Of my own assumption of doubt?
That I believe the power of prayer
Is lacking in heavenly clout?

Whether I pray for my own sake
And the wisdom to prioritize,
Or for those caught in life's wake,
Or for a friend's spiritual fire to rise

Why does He choose to act and move?
It's not because I am devout,
But so the Mighty One can prove
Himself to man is what He's all about

A strangled cry of desperation,
Restrained by fears of abjuration,
Is met with someone's heartfelt laughter
This sound is not harsh or disdainful
But filled with so much love it's painful
It echoes high above the rafter

I heard the Father speak to me:
"My heart is always turned towards thee.
So cast your guilt aside; you're free
To ask for things you wish to be.
Now tell me, child, what's on your chest?
I will give ear to each request
For it's my will that you be blessed.
My plans are great, you might have guessed."

Lifted up from the depths of shame,
I look at the heavens and sing for His sake
To praise the One who called my name...
The ultimate example of a beautiful mistake

*                                  *                                  *                                  *                                  *

Author's note: At first, I didn't consider this poem finished. But I read it aloud for the Chi Alpha poetry night, and it was received well enough that I'd say I certainly won't be able to improve it on my own.


Erin said...

I love this! I guess I missed you reading it since I came late. It's very beautiful, though. I'm sure God smiles when he reads this one.

shetrick said...

oh hey, you commented on my blog post!! =P

wow, i haven't checked this in quite a while, apparently... x_X i'm glad you liked this poem, despite my atrocious sense of the aesthetic in poetry.