resonant -(evil)

Admittedly, that title was just my pathetic attempt to make a cool pun that would more or less have something to do with what I have to say. But really, all that ‘-(evil)’ is supposed to mean is the opposite of evil. In other words, holiness.

There are a few things I’ve heard lately [at the time of the original composition: September 24, 2008] that I’ve really been resonating with, thinking about, mulling over, and struggling with. Hold on to your hats, and pay no heed to that numbered list...it's just there to confuse you/make things easier to understand, depending on your personality.

1.) The miracle of the community of God
Oooh, Shane's making scary fancy talk. But wait, all I’m saying by that is how amazing the relationship between believers in Christ is. Everybody knows what Communism has turned into...and it's not pretty. When people try to come together and expect that they'll get something out of it, things just don't end up too well. But what's special about a true community of believers is not that we're better than other people. It's not the ability we have, but the ability that God gives us to love each other selflessly, so that we don't need to expect to get anything out of the body of Christ at all, but that we give to them everything that we have, because God has given us more than we could ever hope to pay back.
2.) God's place in our lives
Simply put, Christ has a bigger part in our lives than any "significant other", because He has more significance than we could ever put to His name. There's no way to hide the One who has changed me into who I am today, so I shouldn't try to. Instead, we ought to desire to introduce Christ with everyone we meet because of how big a part of our lives He is...and I don't mean walk up to people and say, "Hi, I'm Joe, and this is Jesus", although there can be a time and place for that. What I do mean is this: as other people get to know us, we will show them how Christ is present in everything that we do and say, and they will see Him because of it, and will ask us who it is. There should not be any reason to be ashamed of Christ, because He is not just a private Being whom we worship in the dark. He is the Creator of you, me, and the entire universe, and He loves us so greatly that He is actively involved in transforming us into perfect people throughout all our lifetimes.
Somehow, the words I write just don't come out with the same meaning that they hold in my head, so hopefully you were able to catch a glimpse of them, and hopefully the words encouraged you in some way.

Yes, I am very excited about living my life, and yes, I am a very long ways away from reaching my destination, but if I continue to run the race before me then I’ll get there in the end.

Yay God!

*                                  *                                  *                                  *                                  *

Author's note: This ends the Facebook reruns. From now on, you'll get fresh content (you can decide what that means).

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