Lately, I've been doing a whole lot of looking back...more so than usual. It's nearly to the degree that I find myself bumping into things mentally because I'm not paying attention to the things right in front of me! Fortunately, the key word there was 'nearly', as I am not currently in such a state. Rather, I have simply been reflecting on the past year of school, starting in August.

From the past year, there are two major things that I have been thinking back on: ...


Hmm...make that three: the experience of living in Waller Hall, being part of Chi Alpha, and everything else.

Living in Waller Hall for me has been such an awesome experience! [Ten minutes later.] Wow, it's definitely been a long day, and you can probably tell I just wrote a 6-page paper from the way I'm writing. And I have the credits song from "Portal" stuck in my head. Anyway, to keep things short for my own sanity's sake as well as yours, I just want to mention how easy it is to take for granted the opportunities and experiences that we have. I'm going to miss Waller Hall next year (moving into Honors Hall, ftw!) mostly because of the family feeling. Definitely will miss serenading our "sister halls" and having barbecues. Last night's End-of-the-Year BBBQ was a great culmination of all the year's atmosphere. Made me start thinking and feeling nostalgic.

The Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship group on campus was the perfect fit for me spiritually. Literally. God couldn't have done a better job finding a place for me to get plugged into and not only be a blessing to me, but help me bless and encourage those around me through the gifts He has given me. Playing electric, acoustic, and bass guitar on the worship team was a perfect example of this. Another is me going to be a Corefa (Core Facilitator, a.k.a. small group leader) next year. Scary as all heck, but exciting as well, because I know that God will be able to use me. Tonight, my Core met for the last time of the semester, at Denny's. This year's Corefas both shared how even despite their unpreparedness, God was able to work in our hearts, minds, and spirits, and minister to us through each other. I'd write examples except for the interest of time.

Finally, I feel like throughout the past school year, I have vastly expanded my circles of friends, to the point that it might even exceed the number of people I knew before coming to WSU. (I'd have to count to make sure, so for obvious reasons, I'm leaving it at 'might'.) The way I see it, all these new friends are a sort of extension of my family. Of course, I feel that way more about some friends than others, but generally the same around the table. In fact, I'll be kinda sad to go home for the summer, because I'll only be able to see my original family, plus a few lucky individuals who live near me or will otherwise be visited by me this summer.

Looking back on this year, I have been trying to think of a time when I knew, without a doubt, that I had just done something really freshman-y. Some examples would be staying up all night with Nathan Snook playing our free WoW trials, breaking Angela's ankle, running all across Pullman looking for the Thai Ginger restaurant, getting "kicked out" of the Rock for reciting Disney lines while watching "Robin Hood" (to the dismay of those trying to watch the movie), arriving consistently late to chemistry midterms after SpagDin (spaghetti dinners at the Rock), running head-long into a swing set at full speed and connecting my forehead with the uneven bars (and not losing consciousness for even a moment), placing dead last in the Pullman Highland Games, and many other times that I hadn't regarded as freshman-y but now do.

rawr, es tiempo para beddie-bye. sleepy! nighty! wakey wakey, aaAOOOGga, aaAOOOGga! ha ha hakltehl;ahoweioa;iuocnlk;ooqwheohaosh

*                                  *                                  *                                  *                                  *

Author's note: I take no responsibility for any lack of sanity caused by the reading of this post. Please note that I do not jest when I say that I am crazy (in a good way, of course), and keep a mental distance from my ramblings when necessary. slurpeeeeeeezzz...

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