a wint'ry poem

I hear nothing but my brain creating
White noise to fill the void of sound surrounding me
Perhaps instinct is telling me that everything
Including the ice crystals bombarding me
Creates tiny explosions upon impacting
That vibrate the molecules nearby which carry
Through the air to tiny bones that give me hearing
But now, these vibrations are muffled before they reach me
As the multitude of inundating flakes are being
Absorbed by the snow that blankets the ground around me
So I hear nothing but myself explaining
The reason for the lack of sensation in me

Whiteness washes over my vision; I blink, but fluffy
Lightness lavishes before my eyes still; chilled air
Crackles in my nostrils, freezing the membranes within
Crinkling my nose in discomfort, I wince as the
Brightness of the atmosphere enters my lungs, and
Tightness touches coldly the inner lining of my
Trachea and snaps my consciousness into sharp
Awakening; I feel alive, and even time seems to freeze

Nearly an eternity floats by, slowly soaring and gently tumbling
Until eventually, I turn to see my home behind me
Inside those windows is a forgotten world with lives living
A group of people who are the closest related to me
Music, warmth, food, joy, contentment all painting
The picture of love that I most desire to be a part of me

*                                  *                                  *                                  *                                  *

Author's note: I don't recommend standing outside in the snow wearing nothing but your pajamas and slippers. I especially don't recommend doing that and then digging your friend's car out of the snow still wearing said outfit. But hey, that's me for ya! Happy day-after-Thanksgiving, everyone... and may the spirit of gratefulness remain with you all.
Writer's note: I also don't recommend making up your own form of poetry, such as an original rhyming scheme or an original form of meter. It makes poems much more difficult to write! =P

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